Introducing Myself

Welcome to my blog! My name’s Jen, I’m a queer 22-year old living in Birmingham. My pronouns are they/them.

I have recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BA History of Art (having achieved first class with honours), and will be commencing my MA there in September. My specialist interest is in queer visual culture, with a focus on how queer, trans, and non-binary identity is created and coded in twentieth-century visual art. 

I wanted to start this blog because I love writing about art, and want a platform to share that love. To begin with, I will be revisiting and reworking some of the essays I have written as part of my undergrad degree, in order to share some of what I have been learning for the past three years. 

I will also be writing about anything that interests me, not necessarily just art (but mainly that). Every month I will compile a reading list of things that I feel are important and everyone should be taking a note of. 

If anything that I post interests you and you have any questions or want to discuss ideas further, please do get in touch! Visit the contact page on the website, and I’ll aim to reply as quick as I can. 

Please follow this blog or my social media platforms to receive updates.

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